Bathtime Fun

As if you needed more reasons to have fun at bathtime, I have an easy, inexpensive way to keep your little one entertained even more. You know those sheets of foam you can buy at the craft store? Well, did you know when they get wet, they stick to the tub and tiles in the bath?

I bought a couple of sheets in springtime colors and cut out various large shapes. I was in the kitchen when I did this, so I grabbed a few objects to trace – a glass, our oval salt cellar. I also drew a few freehand – a star (need a bit of work), an A for Aleksander, a triangle.

That night, we stuck them to the tub and let the fun begin! Aleksander had so much fun, we had to move them to the outside of the tub while he dried off, so he could continue playing with them.

Aleksander plays with his new foam shapes in the bath.


Get Out!

In all this cold weather, we don’t always manage to get outside. And on days when I go out alone, Aleksander usually ends up inside for the day. Not a good idea!

Apparently, Aleksander doesn’t think so either. Lately he’s been pointing at the front door, as if to say, “I want to go outside!” It surprised me at first, since he fights me every time I try to put on his shoes and jacket. But then again, he always settles down as soon as he gets into the car or the stroller. So I’m making a new effort to go out with him every day. Maybe even twice a day.

Now that he’s settled into his new nap routine (down to one a day around 1pm), I’m finding it really helpful to go out around 4, after he’s had a snack. Granted, the beginning of rush hour is not the ideal time to be driving somewhere. But it sure breaks up the afternoon.

Last week, we discovered the train table at Barnes & Noble. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more of that train table! Now I need to think of other places where we can go and Aleksander can get out and move around a little, preferably at little or no cost to me. (I take him to music class and am considering a gym class, but those get expensive pretty fast!)

Question: Where do you go when you and your little one need to get out of the house and it’s too cold for a walk?

Instant Relaxation

Do you own a heated neck wrap? It’s one of the things I think is essential for all new moms. We should be issued them before we leave the hospital. Or at least put them on our baby registries!

I’m wearing mine right now. I have the Herbal Concepts Herbal Comfort Fan Shoulder with Collar for extra stress relief. Pop it in the microwave for a minute or two, and you have instant relaxation! The heat seeps into those tight, sore muscles we all get from holding our babies. They also make them with relaxing scents like chamomile and lavender. The scents are activated when the wrap is heated.

I recently got a massage for my birthday. Afterward, the massage therapist suggested I schedule more treatments in the next couple weeks, because I was so tight! Well, not only is that not financially practical, but it’s hard to make time for such things and coordinate with my husband’s schedule or a babysitter. So I took her second piece of advice instead: to use the neck wrap. I bought one months ago, but hadn’t used it in forever. Now I’m trying to use it every night before I go to bed. It’s making such a difference! I’m even sleeping better. And it also helps as I sit here on the couch typing on my laptop.

If you don’t already have one, treat yourself! For about 30 bucks, you can be enjoying instant relaxation (available at Bed Bath & Beyond). Then make some time for yourself – it only takes 15 minutes or so – to use it daily!

Question: What simple things do you do to relax?