Bathtime Fun

As if you needed more reasons to have fun at bathtime, I have an easy, inexpensive way to keep your little one entertained even more. You know those sheets of foam you can buy at the craft store? Well, did you know when they get wet, they stick to the tub and tiles in the bath?

I bought a couple of sheets in springtime colors and cut out various large shapes. I was in the kitchen when I did this, so I grabbed a few objects to trace – a glass, our oval salt cellar. I also drew a few freehand – a star (need a bit of work), an A for Aleksander, a triangle.

That night, we stuck them to the tub and let the fun begin! Aleksander had so much fun, we had to move them to the outside of the tub while he dried off, so he could continue playing with them.

Aleksander plays with his new foam shapes in the bath.