About Me

I am the mother of a beautiful 13-month-old boy named Aleksander. I’ve always known I wanted to be home with my kids – at least most of the time – and I am indeed very happy to be Aleksander’s primary caretaker!

Before Aleksander came along, I was a graduate student working towards my PhD in German literature. I defended my dissertation when I was six months pregnant – just in the nick of time! I now teach at a German Saturday school for kids. It’s a great way for me to keep my German going and also to continue teaching. I always found writing the hard part while in grad school. But I must have missed it, since I now write two blogs! My other hobbies include music (playing the piano, going to the opera when I can), scrapbooking, baking, traveling (although I don’t do much of that these days), and spending time with family and friends.

In 2006, I met my extraordinary husband Paul-Erik (aka PER) with the help of e-Harmony. He had moved here from the Netherlands to set up the US office of his software company. We had something of a whirlwind romance, dating for a month before I went to Germany on a research trip for a month. On my way home, I went to England for a short vacation, and PER met me there. It was like a dream come true! Five months later, he proposed. We were married in October 2007, bought a house in February 2008, and had a baby in November 2009. Yes, life has been busy!


4 months

Aleksander in Florida, 4 months




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