Laughing through the “Small Stuff”

Today Aleksander sneezed just as I was putting a spoonful of pomegranate applesauce in his mouth. It’s a nice dark red color. You get the picture.

After the moment of shock wore off  . . .  I burst out laughing. Yes, there were little wet, red specks covering Aleksander, his tray, and me. But it wasn’t actually so hard to clean up. And it was a pretty funny moment.

This kind of thing happens all the time when there’s a baby in the house. The spray of pee that goes shooting up in the air just as you’re about to put on a diaper (yes, we have a boy), the little hand that plunges into the poop in a lightening flash moment when you open the diaper (how do they move so fast?!), the milk that gets shaken out of the bottle and all over you (I love smelling like formula), and let’s not forget the spit-up (Aleksander was like Mt Vesuvius in those early months – luckily the volcano dried up by 6 months!). That’s just the tip of the iceberg. And I don’t even want to know what’s in store for us as Aleksander gets older….

These are the kinds of messes that made me nervous when thinking about having a baby. I don’t like messes. Well, at least the dirty, wet, smelly kinds of messes. (I don’t like the clutter messes either, but alas, my house is generally in some state of cluttered chaos.) My mom tells me I played in mud puddles as a little girl. No way. I just don’t believe it. It’s soooooo not me.

But these are the typical messes that happen on a daily basis when you have kids. So I have to pat myself on the back. In the past year, I have gotten really good at letting these things slide. Instead of freaking out or getting upset, I usually just laugh. After all, I can’t change the situation. And when you step back, it usually is a pretty funny moment. 🙂

Question: Are you able to laugh at the small stuff? Got any good stories of these classic moments?


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