Ever Changing

Just when you think you have things figure out… WHAM! Along comes yet another change. As my friend Anika says, “it’s never boring!”

The last three days, Aleksander has not taken his second nap. For about three months now, he’s only slept for about 40 minutes in the afternoon and would wake up utterly miserable. He was usually crying or even screaming, and the only thing I’ve found to settle him down is Baby Mozart. It’s bizarre – it actually makes him happy … ridiculously happy! So for the past three days, I’ve gone through the bedtime routine and put him in his crib. He lies in his crib and chats and squawks and squeals and occasionally screams. The next bizarre thing: when I go to get him after about 30 minutes, he’s happy! How can it be that after sleeping he wakes up über-cranky, and when he doesn’t get a wink, he’s mister congeniality?! We’ve actually been having a ton of fun. We roll around on the bed in the guest room, giggling and tickling and being completely silly. And I haven’t had to watch Baby Mozart in three whole days!

So now I have to figure out how to adjust to this new situation. Do I continue to put him in his crib in the afternoon? So far, it’s been working out. But I imagine I’ll have to start pushing his first nap back as it becomes his only nap. That also means adjusting his eating schedule. And then there will be the issue of going out in the world. We usually go out around 1:00 or 2:00 (before or after lunch, depending on the plan). But pretty soon, he’ll probably be sleeping around then, right?

Well, as with all his other changes, I try to follow his lead while at the same time keeping as much stability as possible for him. It’s frustrating to have to make these changes, but I can’t change that! In the past, I’ve let myself get stressed out by them. But in my attempt to slow down and remain calm, this is a good test. So I’m just going with the flow. There’s no need to rush into anything. We can proceed slowly and figure all this out. And then, of course, things will change again!

Question: How do you deal with all the changes in your little one’s life?


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