Soothing Music

I’ve always seen myself – at least in part – as kind of a quiet, shy person who doesn’t stress out too much. Since I’ve become a mother, I’ve noticed an intensity in myself that I hadn’t seen before. When I play with Aleksander, I can easily get wound up and loud. (Me?!) And I find myself getting frazzled on a pretty regular basis. Aleksander has quite a bold personality. He certainly has no trouble finding his voice, whether he’s playing or upset. I sometimes wonder if his intensity has in part been learned from me?

Either way, I’m looking to turn things down a notch or two. Maybe that way, I won’t find my energy draining down to an empty tank so often.

I’ve always found music to have a powerful influence on my mood. So this week, I’ve started playing soothing music throughout the day. I mostly turn to a playlist of songs I made for doing yoga. It’s having positive effect so far. The music reminds me to slow down, to breathe (hard to believe you can actually forget to breathe!), and to be present in the moment. I find myself feeling calmer, too. I’m definitely going to keep it up!

Question: What helps you to slow down and be calm?


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  1. Gretchen
    Jan 14, 2011 @ 09:34:58

    Hi Kate!
    Hope you were able to enjoy the snow some:) We got some ice down here and of course it slowed everything down for DAYS!
    Anyway…I play solitaire on my ipod almost every night before I go to sleep. It helps to clear my mind to nothing. I tend to always get stressed out after I get into bed and start worrying about things with are usually largely out of my control – Matthew not pooping for a week, Lucas’s handwriting, the weather- playing solitaire lets me concentrate on something else.


    • KateR
      Jan 14, 2011 @ 11:18:04

      That’s a great point, Gretchen! It’s so frustrating when my mind gets going instead of quieting down for sleep! And like you say, it’s usually about things beyond our control. I find myself making lists or writing in my head (used to be the dissertation, now it’s the blogs!), which does me no good, since I forget it all by the time I wake up!
      It’s great you’ve found something to quiet your mind. I find reading can help, too – but nothing too thought-provoking! When I was pregnant, I used to listen to guided imagery – I was usually asleep before the clip ended!


  2. Gretchen
    Jan 14, 2011 @ 12:13:34

    Just had to tell you that Lucas did not walk till he was 17 months! I was so worried and drove myself nuts. all for naught now đŸ™‚ seriously, the kid just didn’t want to walk yet. So no worries about Alexsander, he’ll get there!

    glad to hear the plows came out and cleared the snow. I LOVE little kids in snowsuits, too. So cute:)

    Just wanted to share my late walker story!
    Have a great day!


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