Slowing Down

It’s Sunday evening. Where did the weekend go? There are still so many things to be done that I haven’t even touched yet. In other words, it’s a pretty typical Sunday evening.

Despite my lingering to-do list, I just had a lovely time doing practically nothing with PER and Aleksander. After dinner, we played on the bed in the guest room. Aleksander loves sailing through the air and landing on the soft bed. He’s very good at sliding down off the bed. Then he stands at the bed signing “more” and saying “a-deh” (= “again” in Aleksander-talk).

When that wore off after about a half hour, we moved around the corner to his bedroom. One of his favorite things to do is stand at his bookcase (which is in the closet) and pull out all the books. I sat in the rocking chair, while PER took the twin bed, and we just hung out together. Aleksander took his books to various places in the room, and I’d recite some of them as he quickly turned the pages. It’s amazing how quickly you memorize the words to Goodnight Moon or The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I must have read them a hundred times each by now.

As I sat in the rocking chair, I kept thinking, I should be doing this or that. But it was so nice to just slow down and enjoy the time with my family. Some day down the road, I won’t really remember when I finally put the Christmas decorations away (yes, there are still a few hanging around), but I will remember an evening like this.

Question: What simple moments have turned into cherished memories?


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  1. keymomentsmom
    Jan 11, 2011 @ 18:54:04

    Thanks for visiting! Your site is awesome! Great job! I love the special “little moments.” They make all the other stuff worth it, huh?


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