Fresh Start

There’s something about the beginning of a new year that always gives me a little thrill of excitement. It’s the time for a fresh start! And not just because of New Year’s resolutions.

For me it’s almost like coming out of hibernation. Of course, it’s still freezing outside … literally. There is even still a little snow on the ground leftover from our first big, day-after-Christmas snowstorm.

The holidays are such a cozy time, though. I decorate the house with all my Christmas treasures. My parents come for about a week. We don’t really go anywhere, just stay inside where it’s warm. We make cookies, put together puzzles, and just enjoy each other’s company.

But now I’m ready for the next thing! I’m ready to put away the decorations and settle in to January and a new year. I am also just getting over a cold. The past week of lying around and feeling slightly miserable has offered me a good look at what I don’t want. There’s nothing like a little contrast to light a fire under me!

I’m ready to start new projects and get active (as I already outlined in a previous entry). I want to clean out closets and get my house organized. I want to get out more with Aleksander. (We went back to our music class this morning, and it was so much fun!)

My friend Beth, who is a photographer, has inspired me to get on board with one of her projects: the idea is to take a photograph every day for the whole year. Today is day 3, and I’ve already taken my picture! Of course, I take tons of Aleksander (over 4,000 in his first year!!), so it’ll be easy to take pictures of him every day. But I’m up for the challenge of getting more creative with my photography. Check out my pictures on my Shutterfly site.

I hope I can hang on to this inspiration! The energy of it all feels great!

Question: How does ringing in a new year make you feel?


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